Which part of China is Manchukuo now

The territory of the puppet Manchukuo includes the whole territory of the three eastern provinces of China except Guandong prefecture (now Lushun and Dalian), as well as eastern Mongolia and Chengde City in Hebei Province. The puppet Manchukuo was a puppet regime supported by Japan after its occupation of the three northeastern provinces of China. It was called "the puppet Manchukuo" because the national government, the Communist Party of China and the international community did not recognize the puppet Manchukuo regime.

Which part of China is Manchukuo now

Extended data:

Founded in 1932, it was called "Manchukuo" and renamed "great Manchukuo Empire" in 1934. Because it was a puppet regime supported by Japanese imperialism during World War II, the then Republic of China, the current people's Republic of China and the international community did not recognize the puppet Manchukuo regime, so it was called "puppet Manchukuo" or "puppet Manchukuo".

The nominal "head of state" of the puppet "Manchukuo" was Puyi. On March 8, 1932, Puyi took office in the puppet "Manchukuo", and the "year" was "Datong". On March 1, 1934, Puyi held a "enthronement ceremony" in Xinghua village in the southern suburb of "Xinjing", changing the puppet "Manchukuo" to the puppet "great Manchukuo Empire". Puyi is the "emperor" and the "year" is "Kant".

Which part of China is Manchukuo now

On August 8, 1945, the Soviet Union sent a note to Japan that it would declare war on Japan the next day. Then the Soviet Red army invaded Northeast China and defeated the Kanto army and the puppet Manchukuo army with a highly mechanized absolute advantage. On the 19th, Puyi and others took a small plane from Tonghua to Shenyang to fly to Japan. After the plane landed at Fengtian airport, Puyi and others were captured by the Soviet Red Army and the puppet Manchukuo regime completely perished.

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