What does Disney's early bird ticket mean

Early bird tickets, also known as early bird discount tickets, refer to tickets purchased in advance and with great preferential nature. "Early bird tickets" from abroad refers to the promotional activities of general airlines or hotels. If you book about 2 to 4 weeks in advance, you can enjoy a very low discount, and the earlier you book, the lower the price. After it was introduced into China, it was translated as "early bird ticket" because the early bird gets the worm. It refers to the tickets that can be purchased at the earliest to participate in the activities, often with the lowest price and the best welfare. Early bird tickets and pre-sale tickets are a marketing model for the organizers to attract consumers.

What does Disney's early bird ticket mean

Early bird ticket is also called early bird discount ticket. This concept comes from the ticket sales promotion means of airlines. Generally, airlines often launch some flight tickets. If they book about 2-4 weeks in advance, they can enjoy a very low discount. Moreover, the earlier they book, the lower the price. This is called "early bird discount ticket" at home and abroad.

It is also called blind bird ticket in performance ticket sales, and sometimes it is called separately. It's a round of ticket sales that started a few months before the show began. It is characterized by a small number of votes and low ticket prices. The premise is that early bird tickets are not publicly performed or a few are publicly available.

What does Disney's early bird ticket mean

Shanghai Disneyland covers an area of 1.16 square kilometers. The theme park is divided into Mickey street, fantasy garden, Adventure Island, treasure Bay, tomorrow world, dream world and Disney Pixar Toy Story. It has Disney castle, marvel hero headquarters, Buzz Lightyear star rescue and other amusement projects. In 2018, the number of tourists reached 11.8 million.

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