Would you like the frozen steak thawed before frying

Frozen steak needs to be thawed and then fried. The juice ice crystals between beef cells slowly dissolve. If you have time to let it gradually penetrate into the cells, the meat can return to the state of fresh meat. It's best to eat steak with red wine, because beef itself has a sense of greasiness, and red wine can reduce the sense of greasiness and promote food digestion.

Would you like the frozen steak thawed before frying

Take out the vacuum packed steak from the freezer (- 18 ℃) of the refrigerator about 24 hours in advance and put it into the refrigerator freezer (5 ℃), and then put the steak into the pool about 2 hours in advance to continue thawing. Do not disassemble the vacuum packaging in the whole process. During the freezing process of steak, the color of meat will be darker and the red will be darker, which is a normal phenomenon. The thawed steak will show that the meat should be red.

Would you like the frozen steak thawed before frying

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Usually the kind of steak we eat with sauce is European, and American steak is more suitable for the appetite of Chinese people. It is not only large in quantity, but also rich in side dishes. In the steak house in the United States, steak is a single order on the menu. It divides beef into different parts with different names. Guests can choose meat parts according to their preferences. This side dish also needs a single order, such as spinach, mushrooms, salad, French fries, etc. when serving, everyone's steak is placed in front of them, The side dishes are placed in the middle, and everyone can eat them separately, which is very similar to the way of Chinese food, and the amount of steak is also large. People who love meat can definitely eat it contentedly.

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