Nonsense, which eight is it

Nonsense refers to entering the Tao, learning the Tao, visiting the Tao, cultivating the Tao, gaining the Tao, preaching, becoming the Tao and becoming the Tao. That is, the eight right paths, also known as the eight holy paths, are one of the thirty-seven Buddhist paths.

Hu is the name of the western and Northern Minorities in ancient China. The main nationalities living in Northwest China are Xiongnu, Xianbei and. The people of the Central Plains can't understand what the Hu people say, so the people of the Central Plains call their words nonsense.

Nonsense, which eight is it

Eight ways:

One is the entrance door. The second is to learn Tao and learn the theories and methods of monasticism. The third is to visit the Tao. Please give advice and training. The fourth is to practice. Five is to get the Tao. Through practice and enlightenment, the Tao goes deeper and deeper. The sixth is to preach and preach to all living beings. Seven for the sake of Tao, reborn and complete the process of cultivation. Eight to become Tao, flying into immortality.

Nonsense, which eight is it

Expand knowledge:

For those who don't understand Buddhism and can't read Buddhist texts, it's nonsense to explain Buddhist scriptures by Hu people. Therefore, later generations use words such as "nonsense", "nonsense" and "a school of nonsense" to describe unreliability.

The source of nonsense: "Song Shi Puji's five Lantern Festival yuan Longmen yuan Zen master FA Si:" the Lord of the secret magic rock held a righteous son and talked nonsense, so he slapped him into powder and scattered it in the world. "

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