Can high-speed rail carry alcohol

High speed rail cannot carry alcohol. According to Article 4 of the announcement on Prohibitions and restrictions on carrying goods at railway station, alcohol belongs to inflammable and explosive goods. From the perspective of safety and fire prevention, this kind of goods is prohibited and is prohibited to carry into the station. In addition to alcohol, high-efficiency disinfectants such as 84 disinfectant based on sodium hypochlorite are also prohibited from carrying on the car because of their pungent smell, and disinfectants with unrecognizable components in sub bottles cannot be carried.

Can high-speed rail carry alcohol

High speed rail ticket purchase:

There are many ways to buy tickets. You can buy tickets not only at ticket outlets, but also online through mobile phones and computers. When purchasing tickets on the official website with mobile app, the system will provide seat selection service, and passengers can choose according to their needs. In the high-speed rail car, take the second-class seat as an example. The seat position is represented by five letters a, B, C, D and F. A and f represent the window seat, C and d represent the corridor seat, and B represents the middle seat of the three seat.

Can high-speed rail carry alcohol

Precautions for taking high-speed rail:

1. Before going out, if you need to carry fruit, please do not carry a fruit knife. You can wash or cut the fruit in advance and put it in a lunch box.

2. Do not take hammers, wrenches, axes, nail guns and other tools on the bus. You can send the tools to the destination by express in advance to avoid affecting the journey and causing losses.

3, mousse, hair gel and so on can not exceed 120 milliliters, nail polish can not exceed 20 milliliters.

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