Which country is Yueshi now

Yueshi state is now a nation of India. Yueshi state no longer exists. Now it has become a mixed and multi-ethnic nation. Yueshi was first distributed in Ningxia, but in the Han Dynasty, Yueshi moved to Xinjiang. Later, because the Huns always attacked the country, they couldn't move to Afghanistan. After that, the ancient country was divided.

Which country is Yueshi now

In history, Yueshi mainly lived in Hexi Corridor and Ningxia. Yue's country once belonged to China. During the Han Dynasty, when Zhang Qian was an envoy to the western regions, he once arrived in Yue's country and wanted to unite Yue's country to attack the Huns. However, the king of Yueshi did not accept Zhang Qian's suggestion. After a year of ideological work, Zhang Qian gave up and returned to the Han Dynasty. Later, the Huns always attacked Yueshi state, which left the place where they had lived for many years and fled to Afghanistan.

Which country is Yueshi now

According to the current world map, Yueshi country should refer to India. This is because when the Yueshi people fled to Central Asia, the Yueshi country was divided. So a small number of tribes in Yueshi state stayed in Gansu and Qinghai. One of the most powerful came to the Indian peninsula. Yueshi state established the very famous Peacock Dynasty in the Indian peninsula. Later, Yueshi people continued to expand, and Yueshi people spread all over Hexi region, Central Asia and South Asia. Yueshi people gradually broke away from our country and became a mixed and multi-ethnic nation.

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