What does Thailand STV visa mean

Thailand STV visa refers to the special tourist visa for foreign tourists officially issued by Thailand. The visa is a special visa for foreign tourists other than Thai nationality. The Thai special tourist visa STV allows foreign tourists to stay in Thailand for 90 days, and can apply for renewal twice after the visa expires, 90 days each time. The visa fee is 2000 baht per person each time.

What does Thailand STV visa mean

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The kingdom of Thailand is called Thailand for short. Constitutional monarchy in Southeast Asia. It is located in the middle of Indochina Peninsula, bordering Myanmar in the north in the west, Laos in the northeast, Cambodia in the southeast, and Malaysia in the south.

What does Thailand STV visa mean

In 1238, a relatively unified country was formed, which successively experienced suketai Dynasty, Dacheng Dynasty, tunburi Dynasty and Bangkok Dynasty, formerly known as Siam. In the 16th century, Portuguese, Dutch, British, French and other colonialists invaded successively. In 1896, the British and French treaties signed that Siam was a buffer state between British Burma and French Indochina, and Siam became the only country in Southeast Asia that did not become a colony. At the end of the 19th century, Rama IV began to open to the outside world, and Rama V used western experience for reference to carry out social reform. In June 1932, the Democratic Party launched a coup to change the autocratic monarchy into a constitutional monarchy. It was renamed Thailand in 1939. After several changes, it was officially named Thailand in 1949.

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