What does class a general airport mean

Class a general airport refers to the general airport open to the public, which refers to the general airport that allows the public to enter to obtain flight services or carry out flight activities by themselves. According to the regulations of the Civil Aviation Administration of China, China's general airports are divided into class A and class B according to whether they are open to the public. At the same time, class A is divided into three levels according to the number of passengers that can be carried: class A1 general airport, class A2 general airport and class A3 general airport.

What does class a general airport mean

China's general aviation has just started, which is difficult to meet the needs of national economic development and provide due support for China's economic development and transformation. How to promote the development of general aviation is a major topic worthy of study. The ineffective use of airspace, the serious shortage of general airports and the serious shortage of pilots have become the three major obstacles to the development of China's general aviation.

What does class a general airport mean

To develop general aviation, we must first emancipate our minds, change our ideas and truly realize the important role of general aviation in national economic and social development. The second is to reform the approval system for airspace use and airport construction. Clarify the nature, management and use of airspace through national legislation, formulate airport construction standards and approval procedures according to airport categories, increase government support for general airport construction, and solve the problem of shortage of professional and technical personnel through market-oriented methods.

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