Can chestnut be refrigerated?

Chestnuts can be refrigerated. Chestnut contains more water content. If it is not properly preserved, it will easily lead to microbial reproduction, causing deterioration, decay and insects. Put chestnut in the refrigerator. The low temperature in the refrigerator can inhibit microbial reproduction and prolong the storage time of chestnut. Therefore, chestnut can be put in the refrigerator for refrigeration.

Can chestnut be refrigerated?

Generally, fresh chestnuts are packed in fresh-keeping bags or wrapped in newspapers, and then refrigerated in the refrigerator. Pay attention to that fresh chestnuts can't be washed with water, otherwise they will be easy to mildew and deteriorate. The cooked chestnuts are loaded on plates and then put into the refrigerator. Or when the chestnuts are put into the refrigerator for refrigeration, it is best to take them out and dry them every 2-3 days to avoid too much humidity in the refrigerator and cause chestnut rot.

Can chestnut be refrigerated?

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It's also OK to refrigerate chestnuts, but frozen chestnuts will make them feel a little powdery and taste worse. Although the storage time of frozen chestnuts will be longer than that of refrigerated chestnuts, it's better not to refrigerate them.

If the chestnuts are not properly taken out for drying and ventilation in the refrigerator for a long time, it is very easy to break down, because the humidity in the refrigerator is relatively large, and the chestnuts may rot if placed for a long time.

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