What province and city is Lin'an located in today

Lin'an City, located in today's Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, was originally Lin'an City. It was located in today's Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province. It was originally the Xifu of Wu Yue State (907-978) during the Five Dynasties. During the Northern Song Dynasty, it belonged to Liangzhe Road, and Hangzhou was the road administration office. Textile, printing, wine making and paper making industries are relatively developed, and foreign trade is further carried out.

What province and city is Lin'an located in today

The increase of population has created conditions for the development of social productive forces and the prosperity of Commerce. The prosperity of the urban economy in the Southern Song Dynasty not only surpassed the previous generation, but also ranked among the top in the world. At that time, there were many handicraft workshops in Lin'an, producing all kinds of daily commodities, especially the excellent weaving skills of the silk weaving industry, which could produce many exquisite and precious silk products, which enjoyed a high reputation in the country.

What province and city is Lin'an located in today

According to the old stories of Wulin and other books, there were 440 commercial lines in Hangzhou in the Southern Song Dynasty. All kinds of transactions were very prosperous, and everything gathered together. Foreign trade is quite developed. More than 50 countries and regions such as Japan, Korea, Persia and Dashi have diplomatic exchanges and trade relations with them. The imperial court specially set up a "city ship Department" to take charge of its affairs. After repair, the West Lake scenic spot is more charming and attractive, attracting many Chinese and foreign tourists; Restaurants, teahouses, art shops, teaching workshops, post stations, hotels and other service industries and night markets are also very prosperous.

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