Where is Putuo Mountain in Putian

Putian Putuo Mountain is located in shandingding village, Dongxian village, Shanting Town, Xiuyu district. It was originally called Luohan mountain, and now it is also called Putian Putuo Mountain. The mountain scenery is good. There are scenic spots such as Guanyin Cultural Park, Haitian Buddha Kingdom, juehai Pavilion and manna. You can not only enjoy the land scenery, but also overlook the sea and sunrise. Putuo Mountain scenic spot should be one of the better scenic spots along the coast of Putian.

Where is Putuo Mountain in Putian

Zixiao cave faces Meizhou Island across the sea. The strange rocks in Putuo Mountain are Leilei. There are two huge stones at the foot of the mountain, like two gates. On the left, there are three words "Wangxian gate" in stone regular script. After the stone gate, you will come to Zixiao cave on the hillside. In front of the cave, an ancient banyan grows on a stone. More than a dozen bare roots probe into the stone, but the trunk that breaks free from the stone crack is luxuriant.

Where is Putuo Mountain in Putian

Climb the mountain by copying the path behind the cave. There is a big stone standing on the mountain. One side of the big stone is like cutting. The word "cave sky" is engraved on it, imitating regular script in Yan style, with a diameter of more than one meter. The word "Dongtian" was written by Cao Dade, general judge of Xinghua mansion in the 20th year of Hongwu of the Ming Dynasty (1387). That year, when Puxi was building the city, Cao Tong probably decided to take advantage of his business and visit here. Next to the "Dongtian" stone, there is a huge stone, flat as a grinding stone, covering an area of more than 20 square meters, engraved with the word "statement stone". According to folk legend, the eight immortals once talked about scriptures on this stone.

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