What does 4D mean

4D according to Einstein's theory, the concept of time is added to 3D, so the combination of time and space becomes the so-called 4D space. According to the plot of the film, 4D film carefully designs the effects of smoke, rain, photoelectric, bubble, smell, setting, character performance and so on, forming a unique performance form, which is the very popular 4D cinema today.

What does 4D mean

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Because the film plot in 4D cinema is developed in combination with various special effects, the audience can get all-round feelings such as vision, hearing, touch and smell when watching 4D films. The development of 4D cinema is very fast. The expression form of 4D cinema has also developed greatly according to people's increasing entertainment demand. The 4D cinema with plane screen mode is being impacted by the ring screen mode, and the new stunt seat and dynamic platform have made 4D cinema enter a new stage.

What does 4D mean

After entering the 21st century, the cylindrical 4D cinema with large diameter and multi picture has gradually become the mainstream. In particular, the emergence of cylindrical screen 4D cinema, various dynamic platforms, rotating platforms and railcars also enter the cinema according to the plot, becoming the most rapidly developing type of 4D cinema today.

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