What does incubator mean

Incubation Park is an institutional, public welfare and intelligent service park built by the government for entrepreneurs to provide service environment and space environment conducive to survival and development for newly established small enterprises. Entrepreneurs entering the Incubation Park can get various services at low or no cost to resolve entrepreneurial risks. After the business incubation period of the Business Incubation Park expires, it must withdraw from the Incubation Park.

What does incubator mean

The Business Incubation Park is actually a collective office place for entrepreneurs, often with certain policy support and guidance. At present, there are entrepreneurship incubators and other similar institutions everywhere, but how to choose a reliable one that is really helpful to entrepreneurs still needs entrepreneurs to think carefully. At present, the best thing to do in China is ZhongGuanCun Industrial Park.

What does incubator mean

The entrepreneurship incubation base mainly provides low-cost incubation services for college graduates, urban registered unemployed, returning migrant workers, re transferred veterans, and other urban and rural workers to start their own businesses. Except for industries expressly restricted by the state (construction industry, housing intermediary, pawn, sauna, massage, Internet bar, oxygen bar, beauty salon, bar, etc.), you can apply to enter the entrepreneurship incubation base to incubate entrepreneurship.

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