What are the three main aspects of the fun of herbal garden

The fun of the herbal garden is mainly reflected in three aspects: Happy scenery (the beautiful scenery in the herbal garden), happy smell (the story of beautiful snakes) and happy things (the fun of bird hunting). From BaiCaoYuan to Sanwei bookstore is a beautiful movement to write the past of childhood. In this well-known prose, the author freely depicts a funny childlike world with poetic strokes.

What are the three main aspects of the fun of herbal garden

The essay from BaiCaoYuan to Sanwei bookstore was written on September 18, 1926. After the March 18th massacre, Lu Xun was included in the list of 50 wanted people in Beijing's cultural and educational circles by the Northern Warlords. Therefore, he was unable to openly fight against the Northern Warlords and was forced to leave Beijing at the invitation of Xiamen University in 1926. When Lu Xun came to Xiamen University, it was summer and the students had not started school. When Lu Xun was wandering and depressed, he often recalled the past when he was a teenager, so he wrote this prose and published it in mangyuan. The subtitle added when publishing was "six things mentioned again".

What are the three main aspects of the fun of herbal garden

From herb garden to Sanwei bookstore this article describes the scenery of herb garden from far to near, from high to low, from static to dynamic, from summer to winter. First write about the bold scenery that you can see from a distance, such as vegetable beds and acacia trees, and then write about the scenery around you, under your feet and in front of you, how to grow aconite roots and raspberries; First write the static, such as the stone well fence, and then write the dynamic, such as the son of heaven; First write about the vibrant summer, and then write about the interesting winter.

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