Where does the Haoji railway go

Haoji railway is a special railway for coal transportation, starting from haole Baoji in Inner Mongolia in the north and ending at Ji'an in Jiangxi. The original construction project of Haoji railway is called "Mengxi central China Railway", hereinafter referred to as "Menghua Railway", which is a national railway class I electrified railway connecting haole Baoji in Inner Mongolia and Ji'an in Jiangxi; It is China's strategic transportation channel of "transporting coal from north to South". As of September 2019, Haoji railway is the longest heavy haul railway built and put into operation at one time in the world.

Where does the Haoji railway go

Haoji railway starts from haole Baoji South Station in Ordos City, Inner Mongolia in the north and ends at Ji'an station in Ji'an City, Jiangxi Province. The total length of the line is 1813.544 km. There are 77 stations, with a design speed of 120 km / h (haole Baoji south station to Jiangling station and pingtian station to Ji'an station) and 200 km / h (Jiangling station to pingtian station). The design annual transmission capacity is 200 million tons.

Where does the Haoji railway go

This railway passes through Wushen Banner in Ordos, Jingbian County in Yulin City, Ansai County, Baota District and Yichuan County in Yan'an City, Hejin County, Wanrong County, Linyi County, Salt Lake District and Hepinglu County in Yuncheng City, Shaanxi county, Lushi County, Xishan County, Dengzhou City, Xiangyang City, Jingmen City, Jiangling County in Jingzhou City, Gong'an County, Shishou City and Huarong County in Yueyang City Tonggu County, Xinyu City and Ji'an City in Pingjiang County, Liuyang City and Yichun city.

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