What kind of wine do you drink on the Double Ninth Festival

Drink chrysanthemum wine on Double Ninth Festival. It is a traditional Chinese custom to drink chrysanthemum wine during the Double Ninth Festival.

Chrysanthemum wine is a wine brewed from chrysanthemum, glutinous rice and Jiuqu. It was called longevity wine in ancient times. Chrysanthemum wine, in ancient times, was regarded as the "auspicious wine" that must be drunk in the Double Ninth Festival to dispel disasters and pray for blessings. The brewing of chrysanthemum wine in China was popular as early as the Han and Wei dynasties.

What kind of wine do you drink on the Double Ninth Festival

Wei Shicao five once gave chrysanthemums to Zhong Dao in Chongyang to wish him a long life. Ge Hong of the Jin dynasty recorded in baopuzi that people in Nanyang Mountain, Henan Province lived longer because they drank sweet valley water full of chrysanthemums.

What kind of wine do you drink on the Double Ninth Festival

In ancient times, chrysanthemum wine was brewed for the second year of the Double Ninth Festival. On September 9, the newly opened chrysanthemums and some green branches and leaves were collected and mixed with the grain for brewing. Then they were used for brewing and put to drink on September 9 the next year. It is said that drinking this wine can prolong life.

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