What does road turtle hair mean

Lu guimao is a nickname given to Lu Jin by Gu Shengnan in the TV series I like you. Guimao means poisonous tongue, picky and difficult to serve. In I like you, some things happened after the two met. Lu Jin was very picky about everything, poisonous and arrogant. The upgraded "Tang Monk" was difficult to serve. Instead, Gu Shengnan gave Lu Jin the nickname "Lu guimao".

What does road turtle hair mean

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Turtle hair is an idiom used by young people in Taiwan. The original meaning is that turtles grow hair. In Taiwan, it refers to a person who is easy to be picky, pay too much attention to details and pay too much attention to things in daily life, which is similar to "things" and "things mother", or it refers to people who are timid, not straightforward, rebellious and procrastinating. Later, it spread to the mainland due to the communication effect of entertainment programs.

What does road turtle hair mean

When a person is very boring, very boring, very serious, and produces some behaviors different from ordinary people, leading to the behavior of people around him who are quite crazy, or refers to people's timidity and not simply doing things, it is called turtle hair. It can also refer to people who are not decisive, go back on their word, procrastinate, super perfectionists, pick bones in eggs, are too formal, can't think of anything, and even are afraid of being taken advantage of by others.

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