Can I still use the check-in card after it expires

If the registration certificate expires, the relevant departments will not deal with it. The time limit of the check-in certificate is two years. If you go to check-in after two years, the relevant departments will not handle it. No matter whether you find a job or not, you should report back to the dispatch place after graduation, so that the relevant local departments can master your information in time. When reporting, you should carry the check-in certificate and graduation certificate to the relevant departments.

Can I still use the check-in card after it expires

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The registration certificate, transformed from the "dispatch certificate" before 1999, is not only the certificate for graduates of fresh ordinary colleges and universities and fresh ordinary secondary professional schools (ordinary full-time, that is, unified enrollment) to report to the employment unit, but also the initial record and certificate of graduates' working hours. Graduates must hold a "registration certificate" when reporting to the employment unit. It is printed by the Ministry of education and signed and issued by the Education Commission (Department of Education) of the province, city and autonomous region. It is divided into upper and lower copies. The upper copy is submitted to the graduates themselves for check-in and use, and the lower copy is put into the graduates' files by the school.

Can I still use the check-in card after it expires

The purposes of the registration card mainly include: 1. It is the certificate for the education department to officially dispatch graduates; 2. It is the voucher for graduates to report to the employer; 3. It is an important proof for employers to accept graduates; 4. It is the proof that any legal talent center or archives management organization receives the graduates' archives; 5. It is an important certificate for the employer to settle down and take over the archives for graduates; 6. It is the cadre identity certificate of graduates.

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