What does mobile exclusive traffic mean

Mobile exclusive traffic refers to the data traffic generated when users use specific services online through China mobile phones in China. According to the opened traffic packages, the app software they use is also different. The general price of exclusive traffic is lower than that of general traffic, but the choice of directional applications is limited.

What does mobile exclusive traffic mean

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Traffic refers to the number of vehicles or pedestrians passing through a designated point within a specified period of time. In the network, it refers to the popular visits to open the website address within a certain period of time, or it is the popular meaning of mobile data. Traffic is a digital record, which records the number of bytes consumed by a web page on a mobile phone. The units are B, KB, MB and GB. The traffic of the monthly package is available. If it exceeds it, it will be counted as additional money. China Mobile is calculated as 0.29 yuan / MB, and those less than 1K are calculated as 1K.

What does mobile exclusive traffic mean

Mobile traffic packages mainly include telecom, China Mobile and China Unicom. Users who like to listen to music and watch movies online are advised to pay attention to whether the music client or video playback client recommends to handle the targeted traffic monthly service launched in cooperation with the operator, which can save traffic costs for users.

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