How to fix the scale when it doesn't light up

Model: Xiaomi scale zmtzc01hm

Specific causes and solutions:

1. If the human scale does not display numbers, you need to check the situation first. If it is because the display light is not on, you can reinstall the battery. If there is a problem with the value, you can put it flat and measure it again;

2. If a bar is displayed, the battery can be removed and the scale can be inverted for a period of time, and the body needs to be stable when weighing.

How to fix the scale when it doesn't light up

Relevant knowledge:

In clinical practice, the scale mainly records and monitors the weight change of human body, which is divided into electronic and mechanical types. Among them, the weight scale is practical and convenient, and has a wide range of application. The new product can detect the fat content.

How to fix the scale when it doesn't light up

Usage steps:

1. When using the electronic scale, in order to ensure accuracy, it is best to test whether the power is sufficient before use;

2. Both feet must be balanced to ensure the accuracy of the value;

3. The biggest headache of mechanical health scale is that the pointer will deviate, which needs to be adjusted frequently to ensure the accuracy of the pointer. It is best to pay attention to adjustment before use;

4. You might as well swing a few times before using it.

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