What does native mode mean

Take the model: iphone11, system IOS 13, beauty camera 3.6.5 as an example

The original mode is a function launched by the beauty camera. Through the adjustment of the algorithm, the beauty camera makes the original mode have a mirror like texture map, providing users with a third choice between the original camera and the beauty camera;

What does native mode mean

It can make the photos after beauty more realistic and textured. Open the beauty camera on the mobile phone, click to take photos, click native, and the native mode will appear. Click to experience it immediately for the first time.

What does native mode mean

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Meiyan camera is an app that turns the mobile phone into a selfie artifact. It is built by Meitu XiuXiu team and is specially tailored for girls who love selfie. Automatic beauty and intelligent beauty, subverting the traditional photography effect, instantly automatic beauty, perfectly retaining facial details and leaving photos blurred.

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