Huawei sports health app has no music

Maybe there is no music added to the sports health device.

Model: Huawei nova5 / Huawei GT2

System: emui 9.1

Version: Huawei sports health

How to add music:

1. Download and install the "sports health" mobile app from the mobile phone and connect the bracelet;

2. Select "equipment";

3. Select "music";

4. Select "music management";

Huawei sports health app has no music

5. Select "add music";

6. Select the music to be added and upload it;

7. If you need to play mobile music online, you can select "watch controls mobile music".

Relevant knowledge:

The Huawei nova5 is equipped with a Kirin 810 processor, with a screen size of 6.39 inches and a resolution of 2160 × 1080 pixels, the GPU is Mali - G52, and the running memory is 8GB.

Huawei sports health app has no music

Nova5 series pioneered the super night scene selfie of portrait, which solved the pain point of poor effect of night selfie. Nova5 series generates original raw images through 4-in-1 light fusion mode in night view mode, and processes the images through powerful AI algorithm ability. For the dark subject, the innovative high sensitivity portrait algorithm is used to brighten, enhance and beautify the face. For the scene, the synthesis algorithm is used to adjust the brightness and reduce the noise.

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