Red rice note9 pixels

Model: Hongmi note9

System: miui12

Red rice note9 front 13 million pixels, rear 48 million pixels, main camera lens + 8 million.

Red rice note9 pixels

Relevant knowledge:

Hongmi note9 series is divided into three versions: Hongmi note9 4G, Hongmi note9 5g and Hongmi note9 pro.

The 4G version of Hongmi note9 adopts the hole digging screen design in the upper left corner, provides 4GB memory and built-in 6000mAh battery, and supports 18W fast charging.

Hongmi note9 5g version adopts MediaTek Tianji 800u chip and built-in 5000mAh high-capacity battery, supporting 22.5w.

Red rice note9 pixels

The Hongmi note9 body is liquid cooled for heat dissipation, cool output and no frame dropping. The whole machine has 11 temperature sensors, which can accurately sense the heat source and intelligently adapt the optimal heat dissipation scheme. The three-dimensional liquid cooling heat dissipation system covers the main heating elements for rapid heat conduction. 360 ° anti lock antenna has a signal no matter how you hold it. 5g multilink, mobile network, Wi Fi, multi network concurrency, fast and stable network speed. 4820mah power bank level, making the game more lasting. For daily use, the endurance is up to two days. Standard 33W flash charge, 58 minutes fast full power.

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