What does QQ mean

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Take QQ version 8.5.0 as an example. QQ dissolves the relationship because the user dissolves the intimate relationship with the friend. In QQ, two friends can be set as lovers, girlfriends and base friends. To dissolve the relationship is to dissolve such a setting. Open QQ, click contact, find the friend to be released, enter, set, intimate relationship, select the three points in the upper right corner, release the relationship, and confirm to release.

What does QQ mean

Specific operation:

1. First, find the friend you want to set up an intimate relationship with, and click to select the friend's setting page.

2. Choose intimacy after entering.

3. Choose to establish an intimate relationship and click invite.

4. After the other party agrees, the two sides have a close relationship.

5. The way to relieve is to click on the friend's page and click on intimacy.

6. Select the three points in the upper right corner.

7. Select to dissolve the relationship.

8. Click OK to cancel, and there will be no special marks for both parties.

What does QQ mean

QQ is not just a simple instant messaging software. It cooperates with many paging stations and mobile communication companies across the country to realize the short message interconnection of traditional wireless paging network and GSM mobile phone. It is the most popular instant messaging software with the strongest function in China. QQ is not only a simple network virtual pager, but a convenient, practical and super efficient instant messaging tool.

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