How to solve the abnormal shaking noise of Xiaomi 10

Model: Xiaomi 10

System: MIUI 11

Solution: if the sound is too loud, it is recommended to send it to after-sales service or return the mobile phone.

The reason why the shaking sound is too loud is that the camera of the mobile phone is not effectively limited, resulting in abnormal noise from the collision glass cover plate. The main camera used by Xiaomi 10 is 100 million pixels, and the size of the photosensitive element reaches 1 / 33 inch. However, the way Xiaomi 10 controls the camera module is ball OIS. This method began to be used in 2014. It is beyond its ability to face the giant camera module of the meter 10.

How to solve the abnormal shaking noise of Xiaomi 10

Relevant knowledge:

Xiaomi 10 is the mobile phone of Xiaomi company. It is a "high-end flagship mobile phone built for dreams". It is also the masterpiece of Xiaomi in the past decade. It was officially released in China on February 13, 2020 and overseas on March 27, 2020.

How to solve the abnormal shaking noise of Xiaomi 10

Xiaomi 10 is designed with a curved screen dug in the upper left corner, with a length of 162.6 mm, a width of 74.8 mm, a thickness of 8.96 mm and a weight of 208 g. it is available in four colors: "Titanium Silver Black", "peach gold", "ice sea blue" and "National elegant gray", of which the color of "national elegant gray" is limited to distribution and is not sold.

Xiaomi 10 is equipped with Qualcomm Xiaolong 865 processor, 100 million pixel AI four camera, 4780mah battery and 30W wired fast charging.

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