How to embed pictures in WPS documents

Model: Huawei computer mate book 14

System: windows10

Software version: wpsoffice 13.0.503.101

Specific method steps:

1. Open WPS and click the plus sign; 2. Click new document; 3. Click blank;

How to embed pictures in WPS documents

4. Click the first square icon on the bottom toolbar; 5. Click the insert option in the pop-up menu; 6. Click picture '7 in the Insert tab and select a picture to insert; 8. Then click OK.

Relevant knowledge:

Huawei matebook 14 adopts multi touch screen 3 and integrated touch scheme to realize high-precision multi touch and interaction closer to instinct. Moreover, the three finger slide screen capture 4 can be sketched easily to realize rapid screen capture, and can automatically identify the text in the picture and convert it into text, which is efficient and considerate.

How to embed pictures in WPS documents

With metal body design 5, precision sand blasting and chamfered diamond cutting technology, it feels comfortable and delicate. The thickest part of the fuselage is about 15.9 mm, 6 and the whole machine is only about 1.53 kg7. There are two colors of dark space gray and bright moon silver to choose from. With such a lightweight fuselage quality, Huawei matebook 14 can be easily carried in mobile office or travel.

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