What does meituan mean by refusing to control the cost of living

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Software version: meituan 11.5.207

The refusal of meituan's cost of living control means that the user's comprehensive score is insufficient, personal credit investigation is poor, and there are overdue payments. As a result, the conditions for borrowing money on the meituan borrowing platform were not met, and it was impossible to borrow money. Meituan living expenses is a pure credit loan provided by meituan.com for users, which does not need any mortgage and guarantee and charges interest according to the number of days of use.

What does meituan mean by refusing to control the cost of living

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Meituan loan control rejection means that the user's comprehensive credit score is insufficient and the loan application is rejected by the risk system. At this time, users can consult the online customer service of meituan loan and ask the reason why the loan fails. Or you can apply for meituan loan after a period of time and after your credit qualification conditions change.

What does meituan mean by refusing to control the cost of living

In a short period of time, frequent application for meituan loans will not only fail to pass the audit, but may also spend the credit investigation, which will have an adverse impact on users.

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