How to turn off the advertisement as soon as you turn on the mobile phone

Model: glory 20i

System: emui 9.0

Specific method steps:

1. Open the notification bar and click the gear button;

2. Click Settings - Notification center;

3. Select an application to close the notification, and then select the notification type to close;

4. Close all notification statuses in a notification type;

How to turn off the advertisement as soon as you turn on the mobile phone

5. Or turn off the "allow notification" switch to turn off all notifications of the application.

6. Advertising notice on Chang'an notice column;

7. Turn off the "allow notification" switch and click [finish].

How to turn off the advertisement as soon as you turn on the mobile phone

Relevant data:

Glory 20i follows the 6.21 inch pearl screen design, accounting for more than 90% of the screen; two thousand three hundred and forty × 1080 display screen, the three dimensions are 154.8 × seventy-three point six four × 7.95mm, weight 164g.

Glory 20i introduces three standard colors: gradient red, gradient blue and magic night darkness.

Glory 20i adopts three shots, the total number of pixels (24 million + 2 million + 8 million three shots) reaches 66 million, and the rear 24 million ultra wide-angle three shots, realizing a super large viewing angle of up to 120 ° and doubling the viewfinder range; Gputurbo 2.0 technology is blessed with AI elevator mode, AI high-speed rail mode and other functions.

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