Where is the Silver Triangle in South America

The Silver Triangle refers to the Andes and Amazon region where Colombia, Peru, Mexico and Brazil, where drug production is concentrated in Latin America. It is known as the "Golden Triangle" of South America. The Silver Triangle, the Golden Crescent region on the border with Afghanistan, Iran and Pakistan in the Middle East and the golden triangle on the border with Myanmar, Laos and Thailand in Southeast Asia are known as the three major drug source regions in the world.

Where is the Silver Triangle in South America

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Peru is the world's largest producer of cocaine, with an area of coca cultivation of more than 80000 hectares and an annual output of about 60000 tons of coca. Extracting cocaine from coca leaves is the largest agricultural product exported by Peru, earning US $100 million in foreign exchange every year. Bolivia has an annual output of about 50000 tons of coca leaves, ranking second in the world.

Where is the Silver Triangle in South America

According to official statistics of Bolivia, among the 6 million people in the country, about 500000 farmers are engaged in coca leaf cultivation and processing, and no less than 100000 are engaged in coca leaf trafficking and trade. The annual income from coca leaf export is generally about US $1 billion. In 1986, with a bumper harvest of coca leaves, the country made a profit of US $3 billion from the cultivation, processing and trafficking of cocaine, four times higher than the country's export income in that year.

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