Difference between layout and card surface

The difference between the two lies in their different meanings: paimian refers to ostentation, face and dignity; In ancient times, the card surface refers to the name of the official document of the Yuan Dynasty, which is issued by the imperial court as a voucher for business trip. The documents given to horses by post officials and Chaiji also refer to soldiers and urban labor force aged between 15 and 6 to 50 and 60. Later, it also means decoration, cards and so on.

Difference between layout and card surface

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Example sentences of layout and card surface:

1. Do you think we have a good wedding?

2. It's enough to show your sincerity to make such a large row of noodles today.

3. Today, there was an activity in the mall. My neighbor said that the activity was very well arranged. I have time to have a look.

Difference between layout and card surface

4. It is a sin to give a horse without a card, or not to give a card. The second is the medal awarded to meritorious persons in the Yuan Dynasty, which is called "the face of the descending declaration and imperial edict" (from the history of the Yuan Dynasty. Military records).

5. All men in the city aged from 16 to 50 are called "card face", and the rest are "card tail" (from the chronicle of Guijia in Jinling).

6. Please put the cards face up on the table.

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