5 shortcut key settings under Huawei lock screen

Model: Huawei nova6

System: emui 10.0.1

Specific method steps:

1. In the lock screen interface, do not unlock, slide up from the bottom of the mobile phone, and five buttons pop up. The first shortcut key is the recorder;

2. The second shortcut key is calculator. Click to open the calculator;

3. The third shortcut key is flashlight. Click to open the flashlight;

5 shortcut key settings under Huawei lock screen

4. The fourth shortcut key is the stopwatch. Click to open the stopwatch;

5. The fifth shortcut key is code scanning shortcut key. Click to scan code.

5 shortcut key settings under Huawei lock screen

Relevant data:

Huawei nova6 is the first flagship 5g mobile phone of Huawei's Nova series.

Huawei nova6 adopts a long hole digging screen design. In terms of chip specifications, Kirin 9905g chip adopts cortex A76 architecture and uses a 2 + 2 + 4 combination scheme. The main frequency of large core CPU is 2.86ghz, that of medium core CPU is 2.36ghz, that of small core CPU is 1.95ghz, and that of GPU is mali-g76mp16.

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