How to reset Tengda extender

Model: Huawei notebook matebook14

System: windows10

Specific methods and steps for resetting:

1. Put the expander in a proper position and confirm that the expander has been powered on;

2. Connect the wireless signal of the expander with a notebook or mobile phone; Open the browser, enter in the address bar to enter the configuration page;

3. Select the name of the wireless signal to be expanded and enter the wireless password to complete the expansion.

How to reset Tengda extender

Relevant data:

Huawei matebook 14 has 2K HD full screen, accounting for 90% of the screen. With the screen ratio of 3:2, it provides a wider and more comfortable display area, and can display more content on one screen during reading and document processing. Up to 100% sRGB wide color gamut screen, the picture details are more vivid and realistic. It has an eye protection mode that can be manually turned on, filters some harmful blue light, and is comfortable and sensitive, making you feel more intimate in use.

How to reset Tengda extender

Huawei matebook 14 adopts multi touch screen and integrated touch scheme to realize high-precision multi touch and interaction closer to instinct. More three finger slide screen capture, easy to outline, realize fast screen capture, and can automatically identify the text in the picture and convert it into text, which is efficient and considerate.

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