What is Ladybug white

Ladybug white is a kind of vegetable and a kind of cabbage. Ladybug white is a biennial herb. The plant grows close to the ground. Its leaves are nearly round, rolled outward, dark green and shiny. It is native to China and mainly distributed in the Yangtze River Basin of China. It is famous for its sweet and delicious taste after frost and snow. It is regarded as a treasure of cabbage. It can be fried and made into soup.

What is Ladybug white

Pakchoi likes light, rain and weak light are easy to cause overgrowth, elongation of stem nodes and decline in quality. In the peak growth period, Pakchoi requires sufficient fertilizer and water, more nitrogen fertilizer, potassium fertilizer, and phosphorus. It has strong adaptability to soil, but the slightly acidic clay loam with rich organic matter and strong water and fertility retention is the most suitable, which is more acid resistant. Ladybug cabbage likes to be wet but is not resistant to waterlogging.

What is Ladybug white

Ladybug cabbage is a type of food material rich in nutrients. It can moisten the intestines and defecate. It contains more crude cellulose and can also strengthen the body. It is also good for beauty.

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