Where are the three major drug producing areas in the world

The three major drug producing areas in the world are the "Silver Triangle" in South America, the "Golden Triangle" in Southeast Asia and the "Golden Crescent" in West Asia. In addition, Africa is also the main transit point for drug trafficking in the world. Whether cannabis from the "Silver Triangle" in Africa or opium, heroin and other drugs from the "Golden Triangle" in Asia, most of them are transported to Europe and other parts of the world through seaports, airports and roads in African countries.

Where are the three major drug producing areas in the world

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The "Silver Triangle" is a newly emerging drug base in Africa, including the border areas of Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Sudan and South Africa. Its "fist product" is marijuana. The area of cannabis cultivation in South Africa alone exceeds 820000 hectares.

Where are the three major drug producing areas in the world

The golden triangle is located at the border of Myanmar, Thailand and Laos in Southeast Asia. This place is triangular in shape. It is also rich in opium and rich in money, so it gets its name. The golden triangle covers an area of nearly 160000 square kilometers and is close to the Mekong River. There is plenty of rain and the four seasons are like spring. Here are full of poppies.

The Golden Crescent spans Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iran and is located on the edge of Asia, Europe and Africa. Opium and heroin produced here are second only to the "Golden Triangle".

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