How waterproof is Xiaomi 10

Mobile phone brand: Xiaomi 10

System version: miui11

Xiaomi 10 waterproof, which only supports p2i waterproof, is a relatively low waterproof grade. Different from the structural waterproof certified by IP, p2i waterproof belongs to nano coating waterproof, which can only prevent splashing; P2i waterproof refers to the nano coating of components, so that even if a small amount of water enters the interior of the mobile phone, the components can be prevented from being damaged to a certain extent. It belongs to the daily waterproof level of anti splash and non waterproof.

How waterproof is Xiaomi 10

It is recommended not to use it in a humid environment during daily use, and avoid liquid entering the interior of the mobile phone, resulting in the failure of mobile phone parts. If there is water, the warranty cannot be obtained.

How waterproof is Xiaomi 10

Extended data:

P2i is actually a company developing waterproof nano coatings. It was founded in 2004 and headquartered in the UK. In short, IP stands for protection standard, while p2i is waterproof technology, and there is no direct connection between the two.

The so-called nano coating is actually a very thin and dense transparent film material with smooth surface and much smaller pore size than water molecules. It can divert water flow and prevent water from penetrating the hardware.

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