Tiktok is permanently sealed. How to remove ID card?

Model: Huawei P30

System: emui 10.1

Version: tiktok 14.1.0

Tiktok's blocked account can't bind the ID card information, but it can try to appeal to relieve the blocked account.

Specific method steps:

Tiktok, 1, search for the chattering on the browser, tiktok's official website.

2. At the official website of the jitter, the tiktok finds the password to retrieve the password and uses the mouse to click.

3. In the open interface, you can see the way of blocking appeal.

Tiktok is permanently sealed. How to remove ID card?

Relevant knowledge:

Jitter is a short video social networking software incubated by tiktok today. It was launched in September 20, 2016 and is a music oriented short video community platform for all ages. Users can choose songs, shoot short music videos and form their own works through this software. Users will update their favorite videos according to their hobbies.

Tiktok is permanently sealed. How to remove ID card?

Tiktok is essentially a music short video community that focuses on young people. Users can choose songs and match short videos to form their own works. It is similar to the little coffee show, but the difference is that users can make video more creative by video tiktok, video editing, special effects (repetition, flash, slow motion) and so on, rather than simply to mouth.

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