What is the difference between watermark photos and normal photos

The differences between watermark photos and normal photos are as follows:

1. Watermark image refers to the image with copyright or special mark added to the image. Watermarked image refers to the image without copyright or special mark.

2. Watermark can monitor the propagation of protected data. Watermarked pictures are easy to be stolen and can be used, modified and spread.

What is the difference between watermark photos and normal photos

Expansion materials:

Watermark refers to the translucent logo, icon, text copyright or website added on the picture to prevent others from stealing the picture. Watermarks are also divided into original watermarks and pseudo original watermarks. Original watermarks are the copyrights made by the model or photographer or network manager in the original picture; Pseudo original is the watermark information such as the logo website of your own website after collecting these pictures for other websites and forums.

What is the difference between watermark photos and normal photos

Watermarks are usually used for copyright protection of digitized images, video, audio or electronic documents. The specific information representing the identity of the copyright owner, such as a text, logo and serial number, is embedded in the digital product in some way. In case of copyright dispute, the digital watermark is extracted through the corresponding algorithm, so as to verify the ownership of the copyright, ensure the legitimate interests of the copyright owner and avoid the threat of illegal piracy.

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