There are several types of hearing aid batteries

Hearing aid battery model:

1. A675 is the largest battery model of hearing aid, which is commonly used in ear back hearing aids.

2. A13 is used for in ear hearing aids. It stores less energy than a675 battery.

3. A312 is used for ear canal hearing aid. It is thinner than A13 battery and its service time is shorter than A13 battery.

4. A10 is used for complete ear canal hearing aids, and the battery storage energy is less than the above.

5. A5 is the smallest battery, which is only used by ultra small complete ear canal hearing aids.

There are several types of hearing aid batteries

Extended data:

The battery is the power source for the normal operation of hearing aids. Generally speaking, the larger the gain and output of hearing aids, the larger the battery energy required and the larger the corresponding battery volume. If the energy of a battery is insufficient, it will limit the output sound pressure of the hearing aid.

Ear back hearing aids commonly use a675 and A13 batteries, and ear canal hearing aids commonly use A13, A312 and A10 batteries. The batteries used in ear canal hearing aids should have the following characteristics: small volume, constant voltage, reliable quality, long service life, harmless to the environment, etc.

During the use of hearing aids, special batteries for hearing aids shall be selected, and zinc air batteries shall be used. Batteries of corresponding models shall be selected according to different models of hearing aids. When in use, the positive and negative electrodes shall be placed correctly. Tear off the small label on the battery and wait for about 60 seconds to allow enough oxygen to enter the activated electrochemical system. Once the battery is activated, it will slowly run out. When not in use, putting the small label back can reduce consumption, but it can't completely stop the process.

There are several types of hearing aid batteries

The actual use time of the battery is related to the hearing aid model, gain, degree of hearing impairment, climate, and the volume adjusted during use. Generally, the larger the battery used in hearing aids, the smaller the hearing damage and the longer the service time.

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