Is it safe to spell Duoli Duoduo wallet

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Mobile phone model: iPhone 12

System version: ios14

Software version: pinduoduo 5.40.1

It's safe to spell Duoli's Duoduo wallet. As many of what is officially launched and vigorously promoted, the number of wallets is much more risky. It is no more risky than WeChat and Alipay, but it is only launched through different platforms.

Is it safe to spell Duoli Duoduo wallet

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On December 10, pinduoduo also launched its own payment method, Duoduo wallet, which is in the personal center column of pinduoduo app. Users can open it after real name authentication and card binding. At present, it only supports initial functions such as recharge and cash withdrawal. It can be seen that pinduoduo's payment business is just in its infancy.

Is it safe to spell Duoli Duoduo wallet

The launch of Duoduo wallet is not as high-profile as the payment methods of other companies. There is no new or promotion routine. It can be said to be low-key. Some analysts said that with the improvement of pinduoduo's trading volume and the development of payment business, its payment and other financial businesses may perform better in the future. However, in terms of business promotion, how to change users' payment habits and follow-up business compliance are still the key points to pay attention to.

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