Can Alipay see what the other party is buying?

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Mobile phone model: iPhone 12

System version: ios14

Software version: Alipay 10.2.8

Alipay family number can not see what the other party bought, it can only see the amount of consumption. The payment function provided by Alipay family account can provide payment function for children, lovers, parents, other relatives and friends. At the same time, you can also enjoy the account system based on family relationship services.

Can Alipay see what the other party is buying?

The functions of family account include:

1. You can register new accounts for others. You can open and deposit yu'e Bao for others. Others can directly use the yu'e Bao for consumption and transfer.

2. After opening intimate payment, you can make intimate payment for others within the set limit. The other party can use your capital channel to pay in the amount you grant, support shopping transactions, transfer and other Alipay business.

Can Alipay see what the other party is buying?

Extended data:

Family number is a minimalist payment service for children, lovers, parents, other relatives and friends. You can open a family number for parents, children, lovers and other relatives and friends. When the other party Taobao and offline consumption, the payment channel at the cashier is "family number". Within the monthly limit, Ta consumption will be automatically deducted from your account.

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