How much is set under the invoice margin and how much is set on the right

Presentation tools:

Computer model: ASUS adolbook14 2020

System version: windows10

Both the lower and right margins of the invoice are set to 0.

Specific method steps:

1. The baffle is generally placed at the position of 10. Don't rush to put the invoice when printing the invoice. Put A4 paper in and print it first. Click the invoice after filling in the invoice information at the left margin and the upper margin;

How much is set under the invoice margin and how much is set on the right

2. Then come out a preview page, adjust the sitting margin in the first small icon page setting in the upper left corner, left 14, right 0, up 10 and down 0, and click Print after setting;

3. Then use the invoice to see the position through the light, set it and then put it in, and print the invoice.

How much is set under the invoice margin and how much is set on the right

Relevant knowledge:

Invoices refer to the business vouchers issued and received by all units and individuals in the purchase and sale of goods, provision or acceptance of services and other business activities. They are not only the original basis of accounting, but also an important basis for law enforcement and inspection by audit and tax authorities. The receipt is the receipt / payment voucher. The invoice can only prove that the business has occurred, not whether the payment has been received or not.

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