What is the fault of air conditioner E2 and how to solve it

Take Gree air conditioner model kfr-35gw / nhaa1baj as an example

Specific causes and solutions:

1. Determine if the ambient temperature is too low.

2. To judge whether it is a control fault or a system fault, short circuit the LPP plug on the main control board and the zero line n on the main board. If the indoor unit operates normally, it can be determined that the main board or display board of the indoor unit is OK. The fault may occur on the connecting line, plug-in connector of indoor and outdoor units or the low-voltage switch of outdoor units.

What is the fault of air conditioner E2 and how to solve it

3. Connect the external connecting line and plug, set the multimeter to the ohm gear, connect one probe to the LPP protection line unplugged on the main board, and the other probe to the zero line n. if the resistance value is 0, it indicates that the fault is on the low-voltage switch, otherwise it is the circuit problem.

4. Judge whether the system leaks fluorine or is blocked through the pressure gauge.

What is the fault of air conditioner E2 and how to solve it

Relevant knowledge:

An air conditioner is an air conditioner. It refers to the equipment that adjusts and controls the temperature, humidity, flow rate and other parameters of the ambient air in the building or structure by manual means. Generally, it includes cold source / heat source equipment, cold and hot medium transmission and distribution system, terminal devices and other auxiliary equipment. It mainly includes refrigeration host, water pump, fan and pipeline system. The terminal device is responsible for the specific treatment of the air state by using the cold and heat transmitted to make the air parameters of the target environment meet certain requirements.

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