How to solve the problem that the water purifier keeps ringing

Taking Xiaomi water purifier 800g as an example, the troubleshooting method of water purifier is as follows:

1. Check whether the water pressure is stable and adjust the water pressure.

2. Check and repair the high-voltage switch to see if it has poor contact and the high-voltage switch of water purifier fails.

3. Overhaul the transformer.

4. Check whether the pre filter element of the water machine is blocked.

5. The pressure of the water purifier cannot reach the set pressure and cannot be closed automatically.

How to solve the problem that the water purifier keeps ringing

Expansion materials:

Water purifier, also known as water purifier and water quality purifier, is a water treatment equipment that deeply filters and purifies the water quality according to the use requirements of water. The water purifier usually refers to a small purifier used for household use.

The function of the water purifier is to filter the floating objects, heavy metals, bacteria, viruses, residual chlorine, sediment, rust and microorganisms in the water.

How to solve the problem that the water purifier keeps ringing

The water purifier is equipped with high-precision filtration technology. The five-stage filtration technology of the water purifier used in the family is the first stage of filter element, also known as PPF filter element, the second stage of granular activated carbon (UDF) filter element, the third stage of precision compressed activated carbon (CTO) filter element, the fourth stage of reverse osmosis membrane or ultrafiltration membrane, and the fifth stage of post activated carbon (small t33). The water purifier is not only suitable for areas with serious tap water pollution, but also can filter the residual chlorine in conventional tap water, and can improve the sense of water inlet.

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