How to solve the problem of UAV flying to one side

Demonstration tool: UAV model: Dajiang Royal mavic 2

If the UAV flies sideways, it may be that the taxiing speed of the UAV is not enough to generate lift. Check whether the battery voltage of the UAV is enough; Whether there is a problem with the pulley of the UAV; Whether the placed ground is flat enough.

In some areas, UAVs can't be adjusted all the time. Generally, integrated UAVs produced by manufacturers such as Dajiang and Xiaomi have set no fly zones in order to avoid flying in unsafe areas, which can't be unlocked.

How to solve the problem of UAV flying to one side

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Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) is an unmanned aircraft operated by radio remote control equipment and self-contained program control device, or operated completely or intermittently by on-board computer.

How to solve the problem of UAV flying to one side

Due to the diversity of UAVs, there will be different classification methods for different considerations: according to the configuration of flight platform, UAVs can be divided into fixed wing UAV, rotor UAV, unmanned airship, umbrella wing UAV, flapping wing UAV, etc.

According to the classification of use, UAV can be divided into military UAV and civil UAV. Military UAV can be divided into reconnaissance UAV, decoy UAV, electronic countermeasure UAV, communication relay UAV, UAV and target aircraft.

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