What's the matter with apple 7 software always flashing back

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Mobile phone model: iPhone 12

System version: ios14

The specific reasons are:

1. Too much cache garbage: in the process of using the software, some garbage files will be generated. If it is not cleaned for a long time, the mobile phone will become more and more stuck, and there will be flash back.

2. Too many running programs: if not set, many software will run by themselves, and too many mobile phone background programs will cause insufficient memory, resulting in application flash back.

3. Problems with the mobile phone system: sometimes the mobile phone may flash back because the system needs to be upgraded. It is recommended to upgrade the mobile phone system.

What's the matter with apple 7 software always flashing back

Relevant knowledge:

IPhone 7 has six colors: gold, silver, rose gold, black, bright black and red (Special Edition, later added).

What's the matter with apple 7 software always flashing back

The home key has a new design and adds vibration feedback. It also supports IP67 splash proof, water and dust-proof functions, front / rear single camera and anti shake functions, and adds a faster A10 fusion processor.

IPhone 7 cancels the 3.5mm earphone interface and introduces a new earphone apple airpods. It uses W1 chip and has sensors and batteries, all of which are placed in the small earphone body.

The new iPhone cancels the 16GB model, with a minimum storage capacity of 32GB, and the other two are 128GB and 256gb.

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